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3 638 EUR
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Prijs excl. BTW
3 638 EUR
16 630 PLN
Merknaam / typedisc harrow simply 200 cm tolmet
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Prijs excl. BTW3 638 EUR  (16 630 PLN)
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Voorraad nummerSimply200/Tolmet/hurt001
Extra informatieHarrowing
is one of the most important activities carried out on a farm
to improve the condition of the soil before sowing and to level its surface. It is not without reason that this valuable agricultural machine is called a disc harrow
, as the term " disking
" is often used instead of the term harrowing. This operation loosens the soil very well, grinds the undisturbed furrow, eliminates weeds, and thanks to the possibility of leveling the surface, it prevents the loss of water from the soil and covers the seeds already sown.
Disc harrow Simply 200 cm Tolmet
has 16 toothed discs (2 x 8) with a diameter of 510 mm and a rear string roller with a bearing diameter of 440 mm. The discs are mounted in two rows on rubber shock absorption. The spacing between the disc beams is 800 mm. This model of harrow will provide work on a working width of 200 m. This harrow
requires connection to a farm tractor with a minimum power of 60 HP. It has an automatic drawbar. For better working results, the disc harrow can be loaded, a basket for weights is included in the set. The advantage of this model of the harrow is the string roller
included in the set.
How does a string roller work? Its main task is to compact the topsoil without pressing it down. The surface is leveled, larger pieces of undisturbed soil are crushed and mixed together, and the soil is loosened. String rollers perform their function best on light and medium soils.
What kind of work can you do with the Simply 200 cm Tolmet disc harrow? stubble-plowing - we define shallow plowing, usually performed in the summer after the harvest, it begins the entire group of stubble cultivation on stubble. The depth at which such plowing is performed is from 5-10 cm, loosening the soil - this is one of the care treatments that allow aeration of the soil, but also its loosening, thanks to which we provide better conditions for plant growth, crushing and kneading of lumps on the land - these are necessary activities performed after plowing, just like loosening, they soften the top layer of soil effective and quick removal of weeds mixing soil with manure spread, spread with fertilizer after sowing, covering the seeds with the correct soil layer.

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Op Mascus BE kunt u [Other] disc harrow simply 200 cm tolmet eggen vinden. De prijs van deze [Other] disc harrow simply 200 cm tolmet is 3 638 € en is gemaakt in -. Deze occasie staat in - Polen. Op Mascus.be kunt u [Other] disc harrow simply 200 cm tolmet vinden en nog veel meer modellen van eggen. Details - Voorraad nummer: Simply200/Tolmet/hurt001